Reconstruction of Riga Freeport quays ZO-1 and ZO-2

Customer: Freeport of Riga Authority

Start date: June 2016
Finish date: current project

     Within the framework of the project, it is planned to extend the quays ZO-1 and ZO-2, carry out dredging of the aquatorium and install storm drainage.

     Quay ZO-1 is to be extended by 50 m southwards. It will be provided by constructing two berthing dolphins which will be connected by steel truss bridges. On the bridges, the lighting will be provided, bollards replaced and fenders installed. Current depth mark at the quay ZO-1 will be kept –10,25 m (by Baltic Height System). After reconstruction, total length of the quay will be 207 m.

     The quay ZO-2 is to be extended by 96.8 m northwards, reaching a total length of 260 m. Furthermore, a brand new underwater sheet pile is to be installed, bollards replaced and fenders installed. After reconstruction, the projected depth mark at the quay ZO-2 will be –12.00 m (by BHS).

     For the needs of a new space there will be conducted a backfilling of 3710 m2 and a volume of 29730 m3; dredging of the water area of 7750 m2 and the volume of approximately 14864 m3. Storm drainage will be constructed with local water-treating facilities and an efflux  into the water area.