Sarkandaugava’s creek’s shore protection in the south of Kundzinsala

Customer: Freeport of Riga Authority

Start date: June 2016
Finish date: current project

     Within the framework of the project, works for protection Kundzinsala’s southern shore, in the area from railway bridge to Kundzinsala 6th transversal line, are being performed. Currently the coastline is fully unprotected and overgrown with algae. Total length of stream regulating and shore protecting dam is 1270 m. JSC “BMGS” is carrying out following construction works:

- sand and gravel mixture fill – 67.732 m3,
- sand fill – 90.602 m3,
- laying of geotextile – 32.802 m2,
- slope reinforcement with gabions, with crushed stone and stone filling – 11.727 m3,
- stone covering installation on top of the dam – 5.540 m2/ 1.662 m3.

     In current circumstances, in the area, where shore protection works are being performed, large vessels can’t be exploited. Since sailing is limited by 2 bridges – railway bridge, which connects Kundzinsala and Str. Uriekstes and road bridge, which connects Kundzinsala and Str. Tvaiku – it is possible to exploit solely small cutters and boats.