Reconstruction of bridge over the River Kekava (road P91 Mežvidi – Baldone, 1.20 km)

Customer: Latvijas Valsts ceļi

Start date: August 2016
Finish date: June 2017

     The bridge, built in 1929 and last renewed in far 1952, given the increasing traffic, could no longer provide quick and efficient passing over the River Ķekava. Therefore, it was necessary to make the reconstruction of the bridge as soon as possible, so that it can meet demanding needs of a modern infrastructure. It was vitally important that during the reconstruction works, traffic flow wouldn’t be paralyzed, and for that reason, with the least possible impact on the traffic flow, temporary detour had been made. During the reconstruction works there had been made a demolition of current structures - 10.5 m long span, piles and pile grids. To ensure dry pit and design of culvert’s basement, waterflow of the River Kekava was diverted by temporary culverts with a diameter of 1020 mm and total length of 15 m. Furthermore, a temporary sheet pile was made, which right after completing the construction of reinforced concrete structures, was to be dismantled. Within the framework of the project, there was assembled brand-new culvert, created 5 m high mound and asphalt, laid on the access roads and over the culverts.